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Side Walk Guys has many years of work experience in side walk construction. We are fully operational and licensed to provide side walk services to all kind of customers. Our team of professionals is considered a highly proficient, hardworking and professional by our valued customers. We are licensed to offer all types of rigging installations needed to carry out concrete sidewalk repair and new sidewalk construction. One of our rules is not to comprise on professionalism and adhere to all regulations as required by local laws.


Side walk construction process

The first step in the construction is to obtain a work permit from the relevant authorities. We provide a safe passage for the public; the cracked sidewalk is then removed together with the debris. What follows is the preparation of the surface before installing and constructing the new concrete sidewalk. After installation we also install wire mesh and expansion joints according to client ’s needs. Other installations include skid lining over each sidewalk flag. Our customers do not have to be worried about facing the problem of sidewalk repair for a long time as any installation done by Side Walk Guys do not require heavy repairs for up to twelve years.


Materials used in side walk construction

Concrete; the key factor in sidewalk longevity is the quality of installation and concrete has long service life and it is therefore suitable for sidewalk construction. Concrete sidewalk can also fail to give longer service if poor quality materials are used and when good design and construction practices are ignored. When constructing a sidewalk it is important to hire a reputable decorative concrete contractor and Side Walk Guys is there to carry out this function. When installing concrete it is important to follow the following; ensure there is proper compaction and preparation of the subgrade beneath the sidewalk to make sure the differential settlement is minimized so that chances of cracking are minimal. In cold temperatures, the newly poured concrete sidewalks should be protected from freezing for about five days after placement and during warm temperatures, wet curing or the application of liquid membrane forming substance should be done immediately after the finishing since the concrete surface dries within 20 to 30 minutes of application in sunny, windy and warm environmental conditions.

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The ability of sidewalk to resist deformation is predetermined by the quality of thee construction and control maintenance cannot alter this. It is very crucial to protect the public by knowing the state of the sidewalk through frequent inspections. We recommend that this inspection and condition rating take place at an interval of four to five years. The sidewalks found in places with high traffic of pedestrian the inspection should happen every one or two years.

The general practices of good concrete construction applies the following; form work which should be straight and have strength to resist the lateral pressure of the concrete, concrete placement which should happen as close as possible to the position and be consolidated, finishing and curing.

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